Why commission a painted portrait?

Preserve your treasured memories

We all know how quickly time passes. Happy moments you'd thought would stay with you forever — one minute they're vivid as day, but all of a sudden they're hazy, indistinct.

How many times have you looked back and thought: If only I could transport myself back to that special time; if only I could recapture those impressions and emotions?

If only I'd done something to preserve that moment.

Because, sadly, memories fade

Children grow up; experiences merge into one — try as we might to hold onto them.

And by the time we realise what's happening — wish we'd captured more — it's too late. The moment has passed, the image is lost.

Nobody wants to be left snatching at dissolving memories.

But it needn't be that way

Instead of allowing your experiences to fade, you can make sure you capture them: preserve them in a form that will never fade — a painted portrait.

A portrait commission can capture the youth of your child ... the joy of your wedding day ... the satisfaction of your graduation. And it does more than just capture — it illuminates and celebrates.

You've looked at the great portraits hanging in art galleries, in stately homes, in university halls. And you know how even a centuries-old portrait can conjure up its subject and breathe life into a distant memory. Bring to life a personality that would otherwise have vanished into obscurity.

In our mass-produced age, few material objects possess the enduring value and prestige of a unique work of art.

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Are you still hesitating?

It's natural that you should want to get the most from your money — and that you'd not commission a portrait on a whim. So let me tell you why doing so is not only worth every penny — but is going to be one of the best purchases you ever make.

A portrait is a lasting investment. It's an heirloom — the kind of thing you'll want to pass on to your grandchildren. It's not like a laptop or a car or a fridge, which will be outdated in a few years' time — if it hasn't malfunctioned before then.

Every time you see it hanging above your fireplace or in your study, your spirits will be lifted by the recollection of the memories you've captured — and by the satisfaction of knowing that that was money well spent.

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Because if there's one purchase you're never going to regret, it's a key to your happy memories.

Of course, a portrait is a high-value item in its own right. Yours will be painted with top-quality paints onto a premium canvas. Whether you receive it in person or by special delivery, it will be immaculately packaged and (if you choose) gift-wrapped by hand.

That's not all. At no extra charge, I will send you:

  • a pack of professionally printed gift cards showing your finished portrait
  • a CD containing a high-resolution digital version of the portrait
  • my own written account describing the creation of the portrait and my interpretation

But, of course, the commissioned painting itself is the main thing. And it will be the result of hours of painstaking work. You're not the only one with high standards, after all: I only present a customer with a portrait when I am positive I have captured the essence of the subject to the very best of my abilities.

And, even then, if you're not absolutely satisfied with your portrait, I'll refund you 100% of the money you paid for it. Yes, that's right:

If you are not delighted, I guarantee your money back in full.

I really hope you won't feel that way, of course — but I want you to feel totally confident.

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