Because each portrait I create is customised to my customers' requirements, you may choose exactly the size and features you need.

However, to give you some idea of the price of a portrait, here are three of the most popular options.

  • Small portrait
    9 inches x 12 inches
  • Medium portrait
    12 inches x 16 inches
  • Large portrait
    16 inches x 20 inches

These sample prices include free UK delivery for your portrait. Read more about extras under my finished portrait.

Satisfaction Guarantee

I offer a satisfaction guarantee on every portrait commission. If you, the buyer, are not happy with your finished portrait, you simply need to return it and I'll refund the money you paid.

I should add that this has never been necessary with any of my customers so far — but I offer the guarantee so that you can feel confident making your commission.

Contact me to discuss a commission