Portrait prints

Portrait prints

Once you've commissioned your portrait, you may wish to have further copies of the original painting for the rest of the family. Why not include some additional canvas prints to your gift portrait? These prints are available in a variety of sizes, more details are available on request

The painting & printing process

To allow you to see the portrait process you can, to the left, see an animation of the painting process from start to finish. A recognisable face has been used, in order to allow you to judge whether it is a good likeness! If you would like a printed canvas copy of any of the exemplary pieces, featuring celebrity portraiture, please feel free to get in touch.

If you choose to have prints of your portrait made then we'll have professional quality, large format scans of the original canvas made before having the image reproduced onto the same high quality canvas as the original with industry standard printing equipment

Pocket portraits

Don't forget to take a look at Painted portraits' sister site, Pocket Portraits: www.pocketportraits.co.uk for more details about miniature prints to accompany your commissioned work - especially if you're thinking of giving a portrait as a gift!