A portrait of your child

As a parent you probably don't need reminding that children grow up quickly. Years seem to pass in the blink of an eye — and, before you know it, your young one is about to fly the nest.

But a painted portrait can capture the essence of your child.

Painting children

As with all portraiture commissions, the options are numerous. You might want a classic 'formal' portrait (perhaps marking a key stage in your child's life), or you might prefer a painting that depicts your child in a more casual, everyday style.

I'm happy to paint more than one child together — or you might prefer to commission a set of separate canvases. As ever, please simply contact me if you'd like to discuss the various options.

Other family portraits

If you have a very young child, you may wish to read about baby portraits. Wedding portraits are another popular commission.

Of course, you can be painted alone or with any combination of family members — the choice is yours!

Contact me to discuss a commission