A portrait of your baby

Some of my most successful portraits are of very young children. A painting can capture your baby's character in the formative stages of its life. And preserve them it in a form you will always treasure.

How I paint a baby portrait

A baby makes such a good subject because he or she is so unselfconscious.

If you commission a painting of your baby, I will spend time photographing and sketching her in numerous activities and positions, and ensure I have a feel for her personality.

Some parents choose a vignette-style portrait like the example to the left; others prefer a painting of their child engaged in an activity, or together with other members of the family.

As with all commissions, the decision is yours!

Other family portraits

If your child is a little older, you might like to read about children's portraits. Wedding portraits are also very popular.

Or why not commission a painting of your whole family together?

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